Genre LP Design Project 2021:
The goal of this project was to make an LP jacket and LP center design that represented a genre of music and I was tasked with one of the most abstract and influential genres: Jazz.
The process of this assignment was to start out with researching the history of the genre itself, grabbing source material from online and physical sources of how LP jackets were designed in the past, and working Adobe Illustrator to create the final piece. The jacket includes a title, list of artist that would be featured in this type of album, logo for a record company, barcode placement, album description, list of songs that would be featured, and a copyright line. 

Jazz LP Jacket

Jazz LP Vinyl Centers

Letterform Project 2021:
This project had the challenge of using only one letter from a specific font in a pamphlet that would slowly open up to reveal what the letter is at the end. It taught how fonts not only tell information, but fonts are their own art style themselves. Below is the black and white and colorized version of this project. 
Experimenting with Layouts 2021:
This assignment pushed me to use physical items and design tools such as magazine clip outs, construction paper, an x-acto knife, T-square ruler, to even cutting out pieces of an old folder and assemble it all together to create an eyecatching layout. The goal of all this was to get familiar with physical design tools and not relying on a computer to create interesting graphics while also testing hands-on creativity. 

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